Year 2007 || Blast from the past 02

Check out the complete photo-set here.

Mental note : you know you’ve made it when you get 10,20 spam comments a day. And I haven’t even started posting on a daily bases…

Now to the interesting stuff:

2007 I must achieve things(a bit late but hey school is hard):

    1. Finish school ok. I’m in my senior year @ the Academy of Economic Studies.
    2. Settle on one full time job with some out of the office colaborations here and there
    3. Make this domain a collection of my greatest unpublished photo work
    4. Buy some quality lenses and stuff to make my photo-walking experiences even more rewarding
    5. Be/remain healthy!
    6. Go to the gimm (that’s a must) && also gain some weight ’cause the wind can knock me off my feet sometime 🙂
    7. Pay more attention to my MSG