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Remote work tips & tricks

The article was first published here on the 16th of March 2020.

In these exceptional times of global crisis, we are changing the way we work, focusing on remote work, or work from home scenarios across the IT eco-system.

Here are a couple of quick thoughts :

Regarding Meetings

If you’re on a call with more than one person, please mute by default, out of courtesy.

Concentrate on short focused 30 min calls.

  • Have an agenda.
  • Start on time, even if some aren’t there yet.
  • Share screen.
  • Send pre-read and doc links in advance.
  • Group meetings back to back – cancel / decline meetings without clear agendas.
  • Enabling video during calls is recommended, but it’s a personal choice that is up to you.

Getting things done

Avoid distractions.

  • Work in a closed room.
  • Keep all notifications off (Includes social media – email – slack/teams).
  • Check them periodically during down time.

Keep the good momentum.

  • Make small lists that show the top 5 or less things you need to focus today and on this week. Three words or less for each.   


Ambiance : Background noise is something to consider, if it helps or hinders you ?

While working try identifying if music with or without lyrics helps you to focus.

Lighting : try to have a good lit room either by natural lighting(desk near window) or overhead light fixture / reading lamp.

Dry eye / eye strain relief : It’s really important to give your eyes an occasional break while you work. Every 20 minutes is a good rule of thumb for getting up, stretching your legs, and looking at anything other than your screen.

If you’ve managed to get to this section, here are some attempts at humour :

  • Did you know that working remote rarely involves the use of a remote ? If it does, you’re probably not doing it right 🙂
  • Remote work has a positive financial impact of approximately 25% (according to the British researchers) due to less laundry detergent needs – you’ll be working without pants 🙂

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