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Quarantine content

There is a new catch phrase that is getting traction in these crazy pandemic covid19 days : “quarantine content”.

Social media influencers, bloggers or vloggers, artists all over the world are finding ways of producing relevant content in the confinement of their homes in order to continue generating views or cash flow.

Now for the rest of us that are not in the categories above we can think of a different kind of quarantine content : going through our life debt(similar to code debt for the programmers out there) and improving all the aspects we wished we had time for.

What I mean by life debt is doing all the things you postponed in the past, all the things you wished you had time to do but couldn’t either due to workload or FOMO or just the sheer volume of distractions available that made us procrastinate.

My examples so far:

  • Resurrected this blog by swapping the old photo theme in wordpress with a more generalist theme : invested well over 10 hours
  • Followed the #minimalism trend and went through every room together with my wife and sorted clothes, disposed of the ones that were EOL and stored for donations the ones that were not used anymore. Think of spring cleaning 🧹 on steroids during the course of 4 days.
  • Started cooking 🍳 again with my wife an activity that we both enjoy and keeps our mind away the current global situation
  • Finally fixed the wifi repeater issue : now I have proper internet across the apartment
  • Cleaned the photo gear and (re)started taking photos
  • Starting reading all the articles I’ve saved on
  • Started finishing all the books 📖 I had left unread
  • Made a plan and started to remove content from wunderlist(to be discontinued on may 6th this year) and migrate to evernote.
  • Started thinking seriously about what if scenarios and making plans accordingly: what if I loose my job, what if the coronavirus lockdown goes on for months, what skills do I need to improve/learn, what value can I add to others in these times of need

And so on, you get the idea.

Use all the down time you have to close the loop on the debt accumulated in the past.
Use this time wisely, there is a time for netflix and chill obviously because we need to keep our mental health in check but also there is a time for strategic thinking and doing.

Let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section bellow.

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