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Someone asked me the other day why I don’t have a lot of photo blogging sites posted on the “about” page like other photo bloggers have.

Well that’s because I do a lot of add star and share in google reader and all the cool photos and photoblogs I see are mentioned there.

If I where to add all the photoblogs I visit, the about page would become one big ass page. Not going to happen.


untitled #013

Crazy days again here in Romania, Bucharest.
The city is melting at nearly 45 degrees Celsius.

Almost done with my diploma. On the 30th of July I’ll have my final exam.
Wish me luck.

‘Till then I leave you with this apocaliptic view of my city.


Live Earth bullshit.

Nobody gives a fuck about global warming.

No one fucking cares, just like Loren Feldman says in his post here. And you know what ? He’s right.

And you know why ?

Because you love your high energy consumption desktop, your old rusted atmosphere fucking car, or your 50.000$ SUV not to mention you plasma screens, and so on.

That’s why!


Tough couple of days

I hate my diploma, can’t wait to finish and graduate …