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Nu stiu de ce nu pot sa copy/paste commentul scris cu diacritice, asa ca scriu fara.Sorry.

Imi place imaginea, e tenebroasa si pacalitoare.Am senzatia ca zidul e pozitionat in alt plan decat cel in care apare.
E un decor care ma duce cu gandul la spadasini si muzica instrumentelor cu arcus, iar intr-un plan al vorbelor de duh, e ca o ilustrare a situatiilor in care se poate spune:’distanta nu e mare, dar prapastia e adanca’

Imi place si textul care insoteste fotografia.Sper sa nu te deranjeze, dar for fun, adaug punctul de vedere optimist, in english, of course.:)

So, when you say ‘hate’, try to eat the ‘h’ and use the ‘ate’ for the rest.:)
Let me help you with all this stuff cause I owe you one.First, don’t be unhappy that your battery is lasting only one day-it really matters to have it charged in a day that makes a difference.Than, it’s ok you’ve bought a piece of crap from somebody you used to trust-it’s a nice lesson about knowing people and knowing yourself.The very first trick will be the very last too.Well, tell me pls, what’s a ‘decent’ shot? Cause I really don’t think that a photo has to be decent.So, let people to be decent and make photos that are everything else but decent.I’m sure your imagination will be happy!Failing an exam is not such a big deal and beeing stupid sometimes is a good therapy.Dentist never hurts these days, you have to learn this.Hating your jobs-well, this is not an easy situation, but maybe what you need is a new boss or a vacation.Your website is fine, your pics are great, and if your car has diesel problems, let me tell you that man look great in Diesel:
Hope you’ll enjoy the surrealistic point of vue 🙂

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